Best Student Credit Cards in 2022
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Best Student Credit Cards in 2022

Sapna Singh

Very soon, students like you will be starting their college life in America. Preparing for your ambitious journey in the US will surely be a rollercoaster ride.

While there are several factors to keep in mind, there are some super important financial decisions you must sort out before starting this new chapter of your life.

The topmost is choosing the best US student credit card. Obviously, you don't want to end up struggling for an Uber ride, or you don't want to miss out on significant savings in the US with the exciting cashback and rewards these student credit cards offer.

Students are generally new to credit and have different financial needs; thus, their credit card needs to be different too. Student credit cards are a category of credit cards designed especially for students. They cater to the needs of students and offer them many lucrative benefits like free subscriptions, late-fee waivers, and much more. Credit experts suggest that you should have your own student credit card as it has a long-term impact on your finances.

Also, it is very easy to apply for such cards. The best thing is that these cards have very lenient eligibility criteria regarding credit score and income compared to traditional cards.

Top 5 reasons why you should get a student credit card:

1. Credit building:

Using a student credit card builds your credit score. Your credit behavior is shared with the different credit bureaus that build your credit reports. The compiled credit reports determine your credit score. Lenders judge you based on it. Any big expense like buying a car, renting a home, etc., that you are planning to do after graduating in the US will essentially be on credit. Getting a student credit card makes it easier for you.

Your financial future is largely going to depend upon your credit score.

2. Your emergency fund:

You can not always predict what you have to deal with. If anything unfortunate happens in a foreign land that requires a hefty amount of money, then credit cards can be your best friend. Your family will be at ease knowing that if any unexpected emergencies like repairs, medical urgency, family issues, etc., happen, you'll have access to the funds on your credit card.

3. Feel the financial freedom:

A credit card can help you relax when it comes to money-related problems. You can move your set monthly expenditures like rent, fuel, fees, etc., to the credit card and can free your in-hand cash for other expenses. Credit cards are a great relief when it comes to buying things between paychecks. Your credit card is your ticket to financial freedom.

4. Save on Rewards:

Credit cards come with exciting rewards like cash back on various merchants. Some also offer perks like travel miles, free subscriptions, etc. You can always save money with your credit card rewards. As a student, it is very important for you to be able to save while you spend. Credit cards offer you this benefit.

5. Take your financial matters into your hands:

If you want to learn about managing finances early in life, you should definitely take advantage of student credit cards. It helps you learn how to use money wisely. Also, it develops a sense of credit literacy in you that helps you in the long run in your financial journey,

Here are some of the best student credit cards available in the US that you can choose from:


The Discover it Student Cash Back offers great cash back and has zero annual fees.

However, you might face difficulty if you plan to use it overseas. It's because Discover is not widely accepted.

Bank of America

The Bank of America provides student travel rewards and doesn't charge an annual fee.

However, it doesn't come with travel protection.

Capital One SavorOne

Capital One SavorOne offers excellent benefits and cashback, but the drawback is that it charges you a high APR.

Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom lacks rewards in comparison to the others. However, there are benefits like purchase protection, extended warranty protection, and travel insurance.


Zolve US student credit card is the best to accelerate your ambitions. It comes with no annual fee and a high credit limit & can be used across continents with no foreign transaction fees. Also, Zolve strongly believes that good credit is for everyone. Thus you can apply for it with your basic personal information, visa, and passport for identification.

Long story short, here's why you should swipe right on our credit card.

  • No annual fee
  • International card that works with no foreign transaction fees
  • Apply before leaving for the U.S., swipe when you arrive
  • No security deposit
  • High credit limit for eligible borrowers from the get-go
  • Start building your U.S. credit score from day 1
  • Lost your card? Freeze/ unfreeze from the app
  • Amazing rewards in popular stores
  • First late payment fee waived off

Here's how Zolve has made a change in the lives of U.S. students:

With Zolve, I got a high-limit credit card and a U.S. bank account from India itself! Best part? I also received a complimentary U.S. SIM card!

-Ayush Kumar

Michigan State University

I tried applying for a credit card when I landed in the U.S. but faced rejection because of no U.S. credit score. Zolve solves that from the get-go by letting you apply for a credit card from India itself!

-Naman Raj

California Institute of Technology

I opened a U.S. bank account and Credit Card from India itself. Thanks to Zolve - I saved a lot of money, time, and effort!

-Keerti Das

University of Chicago

Next can be YOU :)

We have learned to take a chance on you, even when others can’t. We believe that your creditworthiness is a fundamental human attribute and does not change with where you live. So we re-engineered the credit system to make it inclusive for you.

With Zolve, you do not need a U.S. credit history to apply as we consider your unique circumstances and alternative data, giving you extremely high chances of approval.

Consider us your friendly digital guide to all things finance, helping you make the most of your money.

Wondering how to apply for the best student credit card in the US?

Applying for a Zolve Credit Card is extremely simple, and the entire process takes less than 5 minutes. You can complete the process online from the comfort of your home without worrying about visiting any bank branch to apply. Here's how you can do it:

Log in or sign up - Visit the website to sign up with Zolve. If you already have an account with Zolve, log in using your email id and password.

Check minimum requirements - Read through the requirements for obtaining the Credit Card. Zolve requires minimum documents from your side like your government-issued ID, Passport, Visa, and relevant college or employment details.

Submit forms online - Fill out the online form and upload the relevant documents. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.

Wait for confirmation - That's it! Once you have submitted the form, the Zolve team will get back to you with confirmation once your details are verified.

With Zolve, let access to money be the least of your worries when you aim to win the world.

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