Why choose Zolve for your study abroad Education Loan?
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Why choose Zolve for your study abroad Education Loan?

Sourav Saraff

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Across years, Education loans have been one of the biggest financial support for students moving abroad to fund their education. The amount for these loans is very high and thus getting the correct terms for your loan becomes very important. This is a very long process and getting the correct guidance and terms are more important than anything else.

This is where Zolve helps students in getting what is best for them. We have partnered with major Banks and NBFCs and brought them on a single platform for students to choose from. Zolve makes the process of availing study abroad loans easy in multiple ways:

  • Research & Comparison
  • Easy Application Process
  • Personalised 1-on-1 guidance
  • Exclusive Loan Offers
  • Easy loan tracking

Research & Comparison

When a student thinks about getting a loan they are clueless about the process and getting access to correct unbiased research is very difficult. This is where Zolve, compares multiple lenders and provides an unbiased opinion of which lender is correct for a specific student’s requirement. We compare lenders' basis loan amount, available loan types, interest rates, processing fees, processing time,  moratorium period, loan tenure etc. and provide customized loan offers available for them.

Easy Application Process

Once your research is done, you have to talk with multiple lenders, fill out their specific loan applications, and follow up with each one of them. This process is very time-consuming and tedious. Zolve makes this super easy. You just need to fill out a single application form through which you can apply to more than 15 vendors in a single shot. We have a bouquet of lenders who offer both collateral and non-collateral loans. The list of available lenders on Zolve

  • NBFCs: HDFC Credila, Incred, Auxilo, Avanse
  • Private Banks: ICICI Bank, Yes Bank, Axis Bank, IDFC First Bank
  • Public Banks (PSUs): Union Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Bank of Maharashtra
  • International Lenders: Prodigy Finance, MPOWER

Exclusive Loan Offers

Zolve keeps discussing with the partner banks to bring the best offers benefitting the students. Some of the exclusive offers which are currently available:

  • HDFC Credila has released an exclusive offer with Zolve, charging a discounted Processing Fee of 0.85% + GST if you apply via Zolve before 31st March 2024. Generally, they charge a processing fee of 1%-1.5%, so this way students are saving a huge amount in processing fees from one of the most trusted lenders.
  • ICICI Bank is also providing a special offer via Zolve, where they are giving an unsecured or non-collateral loan of up to INR 1 crore without the requirement of any financial co-applicant, without any margin money and with a 100% moratorium. This offer is specifically for students attending selected colleges for STEM Masters or MBA courses and having a CIBIL >750/0/-1. This makes it easy to secure higher amounts of non-collateral loans.

Personalised Guidance

Once a student has filled out their Zolve Loan application, we have a dedicated group of loan experts who contact the user to understand the user’s requirements and guide them through their application process. They become a bridge between you and the bank so that you do not have to run around every lender.

Easy loan tracking

A student can track the status of their application with every lender via a single portal, where we provide a unified view with complete transparency. This makes tracking very easy for the student and you are aware every step of the way.

Zolve is making financial life very easy for students by helping them get the best terms for the loan. Click here to learn more about it and apply.