Meet the winners of the Zolve Scholarship Program
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Meet the winners of the Zolve Scholarship Program


Studying in the US is a dream for many aspiring students, and we’re here to help them pave their path to success. That is precisely why at Zolve, we started the Zolve Scholarship Program, helping students get closer to achieving their dreams.

When we first announced that Zolve was launching a scholarship award for 20 students for $20,000, we did not imagine the response we would receive. Starting 2nd June 2022, we saw thousands of students participating in the scholarship program.

After we saw the overwhelming number of participants interested in the Zolve Scholarship Program, we decided to raise the stakes and offered a $25,000 scholarship. We understand that this is an incredible opportunity for students to fulfil their dreams and visions for their future and to become the first-ever Zolve scholars.

Check out the full list of winners below!

  1. Santosh Yasoda - New Haven University

2. Nimit Himanshu Kapadia- The University of Illinois

3. Hruthik Reddy Gavva- University of Colorado Denver

4. Tarun Davuluri- University of California Berkeley

5. Shivani Pal- Indiana University Bloomington

6. Prudhvik Mokkapati- University of Southern California

7. Harsh Chandrashekhar Khatri- Boston University

8. Jason Sadhanandh- The University of Texas at Dallas

9. Arjun Aravind Palat Meethale- University of Maryland - College Park

10. Chaitanyasai Prasanna Kumar Chimakurthy

11. Esfar Jawad- Glendale Community College

12. Ruthvik Rangaiah- University of Colorado Boulder

13. Amey Malawade- New York University

14. Shenoy- Northeastern University

15. Aaditya Khanal- Northern Kentucky University

16. Goutham Kolusu- University of North Texas

17. Shubham Agarwal- Northwestern University

18. Syed Hamid Ali Zaidi- University of Utah

19. Ankit Das- University of South Florida - Main Campus

20. Rabsimran Gulati- University of Cincinnati - Main Campus

21. Sankalp Khare- UCI Merage School of Business

22. Rajat Thakur- Indiana University - Bloomington

23. Soham Das- University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

24. Sanjusha Gunda- The University of Houston

25. Devendra Govil- University of San Francisco

Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the Zolve Scholarship. We hope and expect this scholarship will help you achieve your dreams and ambitions. Good luck to all of you!