Zolve's positive impact on H1B, L1 visa holders in the U.S.
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Zolve's positive impact on H1B, L1 visa holders in the U.S.

Moumita Basu

When working professionals move from one country to another, they face many issues while managing their finances. Since the U.S. is a country that primarily runs on credit, it is essential to have the functioning U.S. Credit Card. But this is where the main issue begins.

Your credit history in your country holds no value in the U.S. Neither is it transferable. And to get a Credit Card, you need to build your credit history. To build one, you need a Credit Card. It sounds like the carousel is going round and round, doesn't it?

And this is where Zolve comes to your rescue.

Financial journey in the U.S. without a Credit Card

Let's see. You have reached the U.S., and now you plan to open a Bank Account and a Credit Card. Our research shows that working professionals moving to the U.S. on a long-term deputation (H1B, L1, J1) or even short term visit have pointed out that:

Your financial journey in the U.S. with Zolve

As our founder and CEO said, in this day and age, it is alarming that the financial world is still limited by geography, and people of one country cannot access the financial products of another country seamlessly.

Without Zolve, you have to go through six lengthy steps, which are:

With Zolve, those steps are cut down, all you need to do is:

At Zolve, we are here to bridge that gap by being your friendly digital guide to all things finance, helping you make the most of your money.  

With Zolve, you can apply for a U.S. bank account before leaving and operating it as soon as you step foot in the U.S. And this is how we do it.

To apply for a Zolve Credit Card, all we need is your credit history in India, some basic personal information, and your visa and passport for identification. The best part?

Corporate employees who apply for Zolve enjoy benefits like:

Feathers in our hat

Since its inception, Zolve has raised $55 million from Marquee investors like DST Global, Tiger Global, Accel Partners, etc.

We also have a growing community of Indian immigrants and are loved by working professionals from 300+ corporations.

Zolve has also partnered with the world’s top financial institutions like:

We have a fantastic waitlist of 250,000+ people and have recently opened our doors to non-Indians with acquisitions on track from 20+ countries.

We have been featured as one of the best immigrants cards in the U.S. and boast substantial retention of 90% of people continuing to choose Zolve over industry competitors like Chase and Bank of America.