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Easy, instant and low-cost money transfer from US to anywhere.

Easy, instant and low-cost money transfer from India to US.

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Cheapest way to send money from US to India

Our straightforward charges are lower than any other.


Faster than your average remits

Transfer money from US to back home in India in a jiffy!


We are transparent

You’ll be surprised at our charges, we’re all about transparency!


Safe transfers, guaranteed

We’ve partnered with Wise so you can rest easy when you remit money from US to India securely.


It’s safe and secure

Rest easy when you send money from India to US.



Our straightforward charges are the lowest to send money from India to US.


Digital Only

You don't need to physically visit us to transfer money from India to US.



Our charges will really surprise you, we’re really transparent.

How to do Remittance from
US to India in a jiffy?


Open your Zolve


Add money to your
Zolve account


Transfer funds Easier,
Faster & more Secure

How to do Remittance from
India to US in 3 steps?


Open your Zolve


Activate your
account in US


Send money from your
Indian bank to US

What is everyone saying

I wanted to send money home and Zolve really helped out. In a matter of a couple of minutes, I got a message from India saying that the money had made it through. Really fast, so convenient!

Smitha Raj

Transferring money from the U.S. from India is easy now because of Zolve. I switched to this app to check out the rates and it’s been so much cheaper than the other options I have used. Thanks Zolve team.

Karan Singh

Sent mom money to India from the U.S. during festival time. It made celebrations much more brighter for my nieces and nephews. Enjoyed the speed of transfer, so appreciate this feature in my Zolve app.

Pooja Bhatt

We had an emergency in India. My brother fell sick and required money to pay for his treatment. Thanks to Zolve’s fast transfer time he was able to get the treatment in a timely manner.

Varun Garg

What is everyone saying

Sending my child for studies during the pandemic was a scary thought. The world had come to a standstill. Nothing was working, no offices, banks, nothing. How was I supposed to make sure she got her allowance? So I am very grateful for Zolve. I can send her money whenever she needs it, and it gets sent faster than most other exchanges.

Mrs. Sheila Mathew

My son's graduation is coming up, and I wanted to do something special. Every college graduate needs to travel, so I funded his first solo trip in the U.S., thanks to Zolve, from the comfort of my home in India.

Kanishka Srikanth

My daughter is currently studying in the U.S. so I send her tuition fees to her Zolve account. Transfers work smoothly, and the exchange rate is reasonable. I can send my daughter her tuition fee and extra spending money thanks to Zolve.

Ranjan Shripati

It was costly to send money to my cousin through a traditional international wire transfer. We were using the same old service for the last two years. Then my cousin's classmate told her about the Zolve app. We compared the rate and it was so much cheaper than the others.

Gargi Chauhaan


We are very secure and use Wise’s payment rails to transfer your money from US to India. Wise U.S. Inc. is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and renews its registration annually.

Your beneficiary should receive the money within minutes, given the transaction isn’t flagged by the bank for further review. Some weekend transactions may be processed on Monday, due to lower operational bandwidth.

Other competitors give Zero fees but markup the foreign exchange price. We use the mid-market price to ensure Zolve RemitEasy is the cheapest way to transfer money from US to India.

Generally speaking, bankers are willing to pay a specific price for a currency, and they’re willing to sell it for a specific price. The midpoint of these prices is the mid-market rate.
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