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1% exclusive discount on APR for Zolvers

Special rates if you apply through Zolve. APR refers to Annual Percentage Rate

SSN not mandatory

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Affordable loan rates with no or thin credit

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Auto loans help you own your dream car without having to worry about paying for it upfront except the down payment. You can use the money saved in your bank account to invest and earn interest from them as well and not worry about having to keep up with your expenses.

You can purchase your vehicle from either a dealership or a private party (used car owner). The details of a private party transaction can be discussed with the Lendbuzz sales representative assigned to your application.

Zolve has partnered with Lendbuzz - an auto loan provider that offers affordable auto loans to students or individuals with no credit history or thin credit. You do not require an SSN to apply for auto loans. Lendbuzz offers an exclusive 1% discount on your loan’s APR to all Zolve customers. Moreover, you can pay your monthly loan instalments to Lendbuzz using your Zolve credit card and get reward points worth 1% of your monthly installment.

You get an exclusive 1% discount on the APR you pay on your loans if you apply for the auto loan through Zolve's app. For example, if you are getting a 7% APR on your loan when you apply directly on Lendbuzz’s platform, you will actually get a 6% APR on the same loan if you apply through Zolve’s app

From the Zolve app, you will be redirected to the Lendbuzz web page where you need to fill out the loan application form. This form covers some relevant details like loan requirement, income, education, etc. After submitting this form, you will receive a preliminary approval email with an initial quote. Please note that this is NOT the final offer. Lendbuzz representatives will share a revised quote (with 1% discount on your APR) within 30 min. You will be required to send a few documents to validate the information on the application form. The list of documents will be shared by Lendbuzz on email. Post document submission and approval, the loan will be sanctioned. The down payment needs to be paid directly to the dealership and Lendbuzz will transfer the remaining amount to it.

Based on your profile, Lendbuzz may ask you to produce one or more of the below documents -
  1. Proof of Identity - Copy of Passport
  2. Proof of immigration - Copy of Visa (for non-residents in the US)
  3. Proof of studying the US - Copy of i20 document (for students)
  4. Proof of Income - Job Offer Letter (for working professionals)
  5. Proof of residence (last 90 days) - Phone bill / Electricity bill
  6. Car registration application
  7. Proof of auto insurance
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