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Zolve is a cross border fintech that enables fair access to global financial products. We understand that the needs of a global citizen like you with financial footprints in more than one country are different from those of local residents. Our aim to simplify your financial world.

Currently serving the India-U.S. corridor, we let you apply for a U.S. bank account and a U.S. credit card on Day 1. With a lightning fast set up process that you can initiate from India, minimal documentation and no application fees, Zolve helps you prepare for your financial life in the USA.

To make the process seamless and just right for you, your Zolve Credit Card will be delivered to your U.S. address in accordance with your travel plans.

Yes, we believe nothing should come in the way of you achieving your dreams. We take other aspects into consideration, like your Future Earning Potential and educational loan details to give you the credit you deserve.

Short answer - no and no. As you are new to the country, we know you may not have an SSN or U.S. credit history. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your life on an equal footing in the U.S. With Zolve, you can apply for a U.S. Bank Account and U.S. Credit Card from India itself before you go with your passport and visa as identification documents. The process is entirely online, and approvals are fast. The debit and credit card will be delivered to your U.S. address after you arrive.


If you are a student or working professional about to move to the U.S., you are eligible to apply for a Zolve Credit Card. Don't have credit history in the USA or SSN? Don't worry! Zolve has got you covered.

No, not at all! You can sign up for the credit card and account from India itself. Even before you land in the U.S., you have your finances sorted. Zolve has got you covered from the very beginning!

About Your Zolve Credit Card

The credit card we provide is unsecured.

The best things in life are free. We value your hard-earned money and hence, don't charge an annual fee.

Cash withdrawals are not permitted on your Zolve Credit Card. However, you can use your debit card for this.

Right after you upload your documents! All you need to do is sign up on the website or application, enter the required details and know your credit limit instantly.

Paying your outstanding balance is very simple. You can either pay it with your Zolve account or add the card on another account that you may have.

We know it is tough to manage in an alien world and it takes time to get things in order at least for the initial few months. To help you cope with that, Zolve does not charge a late payment fee for the first time, but after that, a late payment fee of up to $40 will be charged.

We know it's difficult to adapt in a new world and to help you with that, as a company, we have an introductory of 0% APR for the first six months. Post this, an APR of 14.99% variable will be applied based on your credit score and your profile.

Yes, Zolve is created to help you conduct financial transactions beyond borders and you can definitely use your Zolve card outside of the U.S. Also, there is no foreign transaction fee on Zolve Credit Cards. You can use the card for international transactions just like a normal transaction via the mobile app or entering the details in the merchant site.

Building your credit

Yes! Zolve enables you to build your credit history from day one based on your name and date of birth which is then paired/matched with your SSN/ITIN whenever you receive it. Post this, your future employers, landlords and financial institutions will be able to review your entire credit history with your SSN/ITIN.

Card Activation

Activating your Zolve Credit Card is extremely simple and only requires a few clicks. Once you receive the physical card, just login to the mobile application to activate your card.

About your Zolve account

Your Zolve account will be ready as soon as you sign up and provide the required documents. Your credit card, debit card and account will be created after we complete the processing. We will notify you once those accounts are created. Our goal is to make those accounts available by the time you land in U.S.

As soon as your account is created, you will be able to transfer money to your Zolve account.

1. You can send money internationally via a wire transfer. a. Give your Zolve account number and routing details to your local bank. b. Show Zolve account and routing details

2. You can also use your forex card money, and deposit the amount loaded on it into your Zolve account. a. Withdraw cash for free from a nearby ATM b. Deposit the cash into your Zolve account through cash deposit functionality at the ATM

3. You can also Log in another bank's website that you want to transfer money from. Add your Zolve Account information using the same routing and account information that you would use for direct deposit.

No not at all, there is no transaction fee except for $15 on incoming international wire transfer.

Not at all! Most good things in life are free. We value your hard-earned money.There is absolutely no upfront fee or minimum balance requirements for Zolve accounts. Just share the required details, upload the documents and we will set up the account for you.

There are no minimum balance requirements for Zolve accounts.

Safety and Security

We value you and the safety of your money is our responsibility. Your accounts are insured upto $250,000. Also, we are constantly working towards monitoring your transactions and your card will be blocked in case any suspicious activity is found. You can also report your card if lost or stolen, any transaction post reporting will not be charged to you. Zolve is your financial haven.

Yes, your data is completely safe with us. Your data will only be shared with our partner bank with whom you have your accounts.

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