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Take your credit score
to newer heights.

Get tips on how to build a better credit score.

Practice a 30%
utilization rate

never miss due date

Maintaining a credit card balance of 30% or less helps you better your credit worthiness.

Never miss a
due date!

never miss due date

According to bureaus, payment history accounts for 35% of your credit history.

Diversify your
credit portfolio

never miss due date

Having different types of credit can help you build a better credit score.

Zolve Credit
Zolve Credit
Zolve Credit
Ready to start building your credit score?

Meet, Zolve Azpire.

No need to worry about missing dates, credit utilization, and diversifying your portfolio! With Zolve Azpire Card, you can build credit effortlessly with your own money. It’s the best of both worlds - debit and credit - packaged in one card.

No subscription or annual fees
No mandatory SSN or hard pulls
Build credit on every purchase you make
Amazing rewards
Don’t take our word for it.

Join the 300,000+
who like us already

Why Azpire

azpire card

Azpire Card

azpire card

Other cards*

  • No Credit Checks

  • No Security Deposit

  • No Annual Fee

  • Apply with SSN (or) ITIN (or) Passport

  • Get Amazing Rewards & Cashback

  • Upgrade to a Credit Card

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Zolve download app

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Zolve Credit
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