Last updated date: March 1, 2022

Boost Account Terms:

These Boost Rate Terms (the “Terms”) are between you and us and govern any Boost rate provided to you by us. By participating or enrolling in the Boost program or otherwise receiving a bonus from us, you agree to these Terms and Zolve - Terms and Conditions for CashBack (the “Rewards Terms”). This bonus is also subject to the Rewards Terms.

Subject to these Terms, we may offer you a savings Boost rate based on your account balances, as set forth below. The bonus refers to monthly payments from Zolve equal to the rate set forth below corresponding to the daily available closing balance of the account with our partner bank (the “bank).

Daily Account Closing BalanceBonus Rate
< $5,0002%
$5,000.01 to $15,0001.2%
$15,000.01 and more0.5%

The bonus is not paid by the bank, is not an annual percentage yield and is solely an obligation of Zolve, not the bank. The bonus is a promotion and can be discontinued, restricted or modified at any time.

Your bonus will be paid to your account. We pay out the bonus on a monthly basis, each payment to be paid out the month following the month in which you met the eligibility requirements for the bonus, so long as you meet the requirements set forth here and your account is open and in good-standing. We may change the Boost rate at any time without notice to you, unless required by law. Some Boost rates may only be available for a limited time, or for a limited total value across individual or all of users.

Your ability to earn a bonus is subject to eligibility requirements, as set forth in this paragraph. No minimum balance is required to begin accruing the bonus and there is no monthly fee. To earn a bonus, your account must be open and good standing, and you must comply with the terms herein and any other agreements you may have with us or the bank. This bonus is not available to those whose account has been closed within 90 days or closed with a negative balance within the last three (3) years. You must enroll in Direct Deposit and have a monthly Direct Deposit in an amount equal to at least $1,000. A “Direct Deposit” is an electronic transfer consisting of payroll, pension, or government benefit payments from an employer or a government agency. The recipient’s name associated with such deposits must match the name of the accountholder, you. The following transactions do not constitute a Direct Deposit: (i) transfers from an account held in your name at another bank, brokerage firm, or other financial institution; (ii) transfers from digital wallets or Peer to Peer (P2P) services (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, Square, ApplePay Cash, etc.); (iii) non-payroll transfers or other similar transfers made to the debit card associated with the account from digital wallets or P2P services; (iv) cash deposits made via third party money transfer services; (v) tax refunds from any state, government, or jurisdiction; and (vi) government stimulus payments via ACH direct deposit. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to determine what transactions are considered Direct Deposits.

To receive this bonus, the enrolled account must not be closed or restricted at the time of payout and must at all times meet the eligibility requirements set forth herein. Without limiting the preceding sentence, to remain enrolled in the bonus, your account must remain open and in good standing. Eligibility may be limited based on account ownership. You will be responsible for both determining and paying any federal, state, or local taxes, fees, or other charges, if any, that may be imposed by any governmental or regulatory authority on bonus obtained from us, whether or not such taxes, fees or other charges are imposed at the time of point redemption or subsequently. Subject to applicable tax laws, bonuses may be reported on the appropriate IRS form or be subject to withholdings. The maximum you can earn through this bonus is $54.78 per month.

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