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Take your savings to the next level.
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An account as
ambitious as you

High Annual Boost Rate

Your savings matter. So, we give you a boost rate of 2%, one that you won't typically find elsewhere.


Money transfers with Zolve are a piece of cake. Accessible, zero fee and faster than ever. Sweet, isn’t it?

ATM Access

We don’t limit your accessibility to money. Your money, your way, with 24x7 ATM withdrawals across partner network.

Debit Card

Get a physical and a virtual debit card. So secure, you can freeze/unfreeze it with just a toggle on the app.

With Zolve Boost,
your money only grows.

You deserve more, and we're offering to go the extra mile for you.

Calculate your savings

Average Monthly Balance

* Please enter less than $ 100,000

Interest you could earn


In 2 years

*Source: FDIC.gov as of Feb 22, 2022


All user’s with a direct salary deposit of minimum $1000 per month are eligible for a boost account.

Update your app to see the boost account details. All user’s with a direct deposit of minimum $1000 per month are eligible for a boost account.

The bonus for each month is paid out on the 5th of the next month. Eg: For the month of Jan, the bonus will be computed and credited to the account on or before 5th of Feb.

A notification will be sent for the bonus earnings when credited. Also, the bonus earnings can be viewed in the transactions and in the bank statement as “Boost rate earnings for January '22 ”. The same can be viewed in the spend analytics section as the bonus earnings for a certain time period selected.

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