An Account You Can Truly Bank Upon

Apply for a U.S. bank account before you leave and operate when you arrive in America.
  • No application fees

An account, designed for you

No Minimum Balance Required

Taking the first step towards your dreams should be a breeze, not a burden.

No Monthly Account Fees

So that every month, you can focus on investing in your ambitions

No SSN Needed

All we need is basic information about you, your visa and passport

Start your American Dream, even before you arrive

Apply for your Zolve account from home, save time in the U.S.

Time is money and we value yours

Set up your account completely online in under 5 minutes and manage your expenses on our app with no need to enter a physical bank

Taking your needs into account

Safer than carrying cash across countries

Our trust is built on your security

We keep your money safe with FDIC Insurance worth up to $250,000 through our partner bank.

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Zolve is a cross border fintech that enables fair access to global financial products. We understand that the needs of a global citizen like you with financial footprints in more than one country are different from those of local residents. Our aim is to simplify your financial world.

We are open to applications from everyone across nationalities flying to the U.S. We let you apply for a U.S. bank account and a U.S. credit card while still packing your bags in your home country. With minimal documentation and a lighting fast approval process, Zolve helps you prepare for your financial life in the U.S.

Short answer - no and no. As you are new to the country, we know you may not have an SSN or U.S. credit history. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting your life on an equal footing in the U.S. With Zolve, you can apply for a U.S. Bank Account and U.S. Credit Card from India itself before you go with your passport and visa as identification documents. The process is entirely online, and approvals are fast. The debit and credit card will be delivered to your U.S. address after you arrive.

No, not at all! You can sign up for the credit card and account from India itself. Even before you land in the U.S., you have your finances sorted. Zolve has got you covered from the very beginning!

Your Zolve account will be ready as soon as you sign up and provide the required documents. Your credit card, debit card and account will be created after we complete the processing. We will notify you once those accounts are created. Our goal is to make those accounts available by the time you land in U.S.

There are no minimum balance requirements for Zolve accounts.

We value you and the safety of your money is our responsibility. Your accounts are insured upto $250,000. Also, we are constantly working towards monitoring your transactions and your card will be blocked in case any suspicious activity is found. You can also report your card if lost or stolen, any transaction post reporting will not be charged to you. Zolve is your financial haven.

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