Build your credit without taking any credit

No subscription fees* | No minimum balance*
No interest | No credit checks | No SSN required
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We are revolutionizing credit building by extending your own bank balance as credit.
This way there is no minimum balance, no Annual Percentage Rate (APR), no subscription fee and no credit checks required. You build your credit score, earn rewards and cashbacks everytime you spend, all of it without worrying about late fees and payments.
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Keep your money safe with FDIC insurance on deposits upto $250K through our partner bank

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Build your credit score from Day 1 with Azpire

Not having a SSN should not stop you from building a great credit score. With the Azpire card, you can build your credit score while getting rewards on every swipe.

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Receive and send money, with super fast and low-cost international money transfers with no foreign transaction fees.

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The best of all worlds
in one card

Upto 10% cashback on selected brands

Zero fees and zero charges
No hidden fees and charges
No SSN and no credit check required
No SSN check required
No credit history check
Fast, cheap and safe international transfers
10% interest on salary account
No credit check required
No minimum balance
No minimum balance
Open an account in as little as 5 minutes.
Open a bank account in as little as 5 minutes
Azpire card

Azpire truly stands out

Typical Credit Cards

  • Credit check required
  • Annual interest rate (>15%)
  • Annual and late fees
  • Fixed rewards

Azpire Credit Builder Card

  • No credit check required
  • 0% Annual interest rate
  • No annual OR late fees
  • Up to 10% rewards

Typical Debit Cards

  • International transaction fees
  • No rewards
  • No credit building

Azpire Card

  • No international transaction fees
  • Up to 10% rewards
  • Credit building from 1st transaction

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“As a new international student in the US, getting a good credit card is next to impossible without hefty deposits or sign up fees. Zolve's credit card is a no-brainer for any student looking to smooth out cash flows in the early days and start building a credit history in the US from day 1”

Nayan B

MBA, Wharton, 2023


“Super excited to have my Bank Account ready before I land in New York! No long lines, pushing in queues, lengthy wait times, excessive paperwork to even get my credit card - the Zolve process was easy, smooth & simple. Can’t wait to swipe!”

Anthony Tao



“Loved the onboarding experience with Zolve, it barely took any time at all. You also get your credit limit instantly instead of having to wait a few days like you would at a bank. Can’t wait to get the actual card once I reach the US!”

Varun G

MBA , Harvard Business School, 2023

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Building a credit score is financially critical for everyone in the US. Many homeowners check for credit score of renters and not having one might increase the rent, getting insurance and loans become costly and sometimes even employers check for credit score of potential employees

Unfortunately, many banks require an SSN (social security number) for issuing a credit card. Getting an SSN can take a couple of months and sometimes even years if you do not have an internship. Zolve Azpire card is for all international students to help them migrate better and give a high reward card to build their credit score right from Day 1 of their landing in the US

After a quick online application process for account opening, you will get your bank account details and the account would be activated instantly while you are sitting in your home country. No need to wait to land in the US or visit an bank branch.

You can send money to your bank account while at home and start spending as soon as you land in the US (right from booking your cab from airport to campus!). You no longer have to rely on a forex card and cash.

To make the process seamless and just right for you, your Zolve Credit Card will be delivered to your U.S. address in accordance with your travel plans.

Yes, we believe nothing should come in the way of you achieving your dreams. Zolve Azpire is for all aspirational people who want to build their future and a healthy credit score in the U.S

We are very secure and use Wise's payment rails to make the transfer. Wise U.S. Inc. is registered with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and renews its registration annually.
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